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Patient Outreach Specialist

Houston, TX, USA

Job Type

43405100 Customer Service Representatives



About the Role

Give positive first impression to all prospective patients and their families;

Build good patient relations and create engaged patients; Coordinate communication between patients, family members, medical staff, administrative staff, or regulatory agencies; Interview patients or their representatives to identify problems relating to care. Write letters and notes required as follow-up to inquiries; Maintain and utilize a system for follow-up with network sources; Organize and coordinate activities for a smooth patient admission process; Meet with President/Administrator to discuss census, marketing strategies and follow up with referral sources; Utilize computer software system to maintain accurate and timely detailed information in regards to number of inquiries, admissions and discharges, reason for the discharge, diagnosis, age, closest family members and other data as required; Serve as representative of the Company in the community including participating in local organizations.


  • Full-Time Position (30+ hrs)

  • Regular Position

Occupational Code: 43405100 Customer Service Representatives

About the Company

CNE Home Health brings Heart, Commitment, and Professionalism to Home Health Care. We provide exceptional in-home health services to the Houston community. Our experienced and caring team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of care to your loved ones, right in the comfort of their own homes.

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